Le lanceur d’applications AppImage Launcher

Les applications au format AppImage sont l’équivalent des applications portables sous Windows (sans installeur) et elles sont sensées tourner sur plus ou moins toutes les distributions. La contrepartie est que pour lancer une AppImage d’ordinaire il faut faire : germain@xps:~/Applications$ chmod a+x molotov.AppImagegermain@xps:~/Applications$ ./molotov.AppImage Ce qui n’est pas très user-friendly. Heureusement, voici AppImageLauncher ! https://github.com/TheAssassin/AppImageLauncher […]

Linux SSH clients benchmark

This post is the Linux side of my French « Windows’ PuTTY alternatives » benchmark.Tests have been conducted in April 2021 under Pop!_OS 20.10.Every users are unique and so are their workflows.I’m solely trying to fit my own needs. What’s tested? Terminal 😐 EasySSH 🤍 Terminator 💙 Tilix ❤️🔥 Unlike the Windows post, Linux tests are much […]

Capture, annotate, share screenshots with Shutter on Pop!_OS 20.10 (Gnome 3.38)

I’ve just waisted 5 hours of my life trying to reproduce what ShareX on Windows and Monosnap on Windows/Mac do effortlessly. Removing built-in Gnome Screenshots Can’t be done. Althought I uninstalled it from the Pop!_Shop, logged out, and even rebooted my system twice, the print screen key is still saving screenshots in ~/Images. Workaround Open […]