A very, very basic dark mode overlay for Google Chat within Rambox

Update 2021-11-29: Google Chat has now a native dark mode.
This post and repository idea are osbolete.

I’ve using Rambox for the past year to group my IMs in a single app and it worked pretty well, except that I lost Darkreader’s themes inside the frame.

I found a way to implement custom styles per service. A very, very basic dark mode overlay has been implemented for Google Chat on my GitHub repo: https://github.com/Germain-Italic/rambox-dark-mode

Better than whity shiny.

It’s obviously ugly as fuck and it’s not even so dark, but it is. Been using it for 3 days, and 2 nights, and I my skin stopped tanning since then.

I wish I could find some time to implement Darkreader’s API anytime soon.

Meanwhile, feel free to fork and submit PRs.

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